Department of New Media & Applied Arts

The diversity of visual, auditory, moving and time-dependent media, their emergent forms, conditions, effects and functions are at the department’s center of research and education. The fusion of New Media and Applied Graphics is important for the students’ individual artistic development and is a consistent aspect of conceptual and project-based courses.

The primary project studies foster artistic practice, usage and the combination of intercultural, industrial and hybrid media to create a multidisciplinary discourse between Art and Research. Students are able to develop topical drafts, experiments and works that can be spatial, urban, performative, conceptual, phot- and videographic, illustrative, internet-based and much more.

Exhibition and group projects with external cooperations as well as individual conversations about works are an essential part of the courses and will be mentored by consultations until the end of the working process. The experimental, open and likewise discursive climate brings with it a steady foundation to adress, analyze and eventually discover unconventional solutions for regional and global questions of our current and contemporary society.


The department’s laboratories, studios and workshops are equipped with high-quality and transfunctional technology, which allows for extensive involvements with and practices in the following artistic areas:

Video- and Net-Art| Film and Animation | Audio and Sound-Art | Analog and digital Photography | Analog and Digital Print | 3D Scanning and 3D Printing | Multimedial Installation | Performance-Art | Public Art


Please note: Students can always lend devices and technology (cameras, microphones, tablets, monitors, beamers, etc.) for artistic purposes!


Bahnhofstr. 50, 17489, Greifswald