Measurement campaign Baltic States + Finland

From 24 April 2023, employees of the Herrenhauszentrum, VIAS Vienna and Geosphere Austria will travel to the Baltic States and Finland on a major measurement campaign.

Measurements will be taken at the following objects: Biržuvenai (Lithuania), Zleku muiža, Rundāle pils, Ungurmuiža (all Latvia), Hiiu-Suuremõisa mõis und Kolga mõis (Estonia) sowie Nuhjalan Kartano (Finland)

Extensive ground penetrating radar and geomagnetic surveys will be carried out to examine the ground for past structures. Drone flights will provide data for later landscape models. In addition, exterior and interior scans will be taken and 360° panoramic photographs will be taken.

The following technology will be used (selection):

Geophysics:1 x Mala MIRA HDR 500 MHz Multichannel GPR System, 1 x Sensors Software SPIDAR 500 MHz Multichannel GPR System, 1 x Foerster Fluxgate Multichannel Magnetometry System

Drone: DJI Mini 3

Scanners and cameras: Leica BLK 360 2nd generation, Ricoh Theta Z1, Sony Vlog Camera ZV1, Olympus Tough TG-6

In addition, numerous scientists and researchers will be met on site during the campaign, which will provide invaluable input for further research.